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In our conviction, quality is not a coincidence, but a choice that is made conscious. Our mission is therefore to increase the quality awareness in the market, in the area of coating and corrosion prevention. We focus on inspection, advice and guidance regarding materials, methods, durability and integrity.


"From roller coasters to large offshore projects, we are happy to face challenges."


How it once started

Over 25 years ago, Serviel Smolders Sr. started as self-employed in the small maintenance and painting of buildings. After obtaining his FROSIO certificate, he was allowed to call himself a certified coating inspector, which laid the foundations for the contemporary Smolders SSO. A few years ago, Serviel Jr. joined the company and together with their team, they developed it into the leading international coating inspection and consulting company.


Certification and expertise

Our expertise is strongly substantiated as our inspectors followed and successfully completed the many certifications and specialist training courses. In this way we have grown to become an authority in the market for preservation works. For example, we are closely involved in various (Inter) National standard committies (NEN, EN and ISO), for which we voluntarily use our expertise to perform various standardization work.

Specialists of Smolders SSO have the following certifications:

•   NACE Level 2 and 3.

•   FROSIO Level 3.

•   SSPC PCI Level 3.

•   RMCI Certified Inspector.

•   IRATA (Rope Access).

•   CINI insulation specialist.

•   STOPAQ Supervisor.

•   Concrete Maintenance expert BV.

•   BOSIET (Offshore).

•   Full GWO (Offshore).


From this wide range of different expertise, our professionals also provide training and education (tailor-made) for applicators. The Smolders SSO team is ready for you


In our team there is always someone ready to take the phone and answer your questions. Our inspectors are both broad and specialist trained, we are happy to help you with the most complex issues. In fact, if we have to dedicate all our knowledge to a thorough tailored advice, we have the most enjoyment in our work. Would you like to submit something to us? Feel free to contact us.

Serviel jr Smolders

Frosio level 3 inspector No.6025
SSPC PCI Certified-Level 3 ID#76785
RMCI Registered Marine Coating Inspector No.100
Beton onderhoudsdeskundige BV (BOK)

Would you like to know more about Smolders SSO or about the possibilities in the field of inspection, advice and guidance on conservation works? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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