CIR is the abbreviation for Coating Inspection and Reporting, a software solution specially developed for the coating industry. Reports are always a problem during the process. You want to do it accurate but don’t want to lose a lot of time doing it. CIR can be a helpful tool. Questions and parameters are set including the report design before commencing the work, this will not only help you to work quick but also without mistakes.

CIR is not only for the inspection companies but specially designed for the applicators and contractors. There are several complete standard inspection modules and report designs available e.g. Norsok M501, Gasunie MSW 11-E (shop application).

We also developed standard modules and report designs for e.g. construction quality (ISO 8501-3) bresle test (ISO 8502-6 and 9) surface roughness (ISO 8503) and surface cleanliness (ISO 8501-1 and 2) etc. These modules can be adjusted to fit your needs and the processes within your company.