Quality is a choice, not a coincidence.

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"Quality is a choice, no coincidence."


Smolders SSO specialises in the control, inspection and supervision of preservation works on steel and concrete. Our certified inspectors always deliver a substantiated opinion, whereby qualitative material choices, durability, clear communication and integrity predominates.


In the field of innovative preservation works, we are far ahead of the market. With our experience and expertise we have been guiding and advising different clients within various industrial projects for many years, such as the oil and gas industry, infra, renewable energy and the offshore sector. For each application which requires a qualitative corrosion prevention, our certified inspectors will find a customized solution and guidance.

Status inspection
26 June, 2020

Weet u niet welk onderhoud u waar, wanneer uit moet voeren op uw gecoate stalen object? Onze klanten beheren een stalen object. Op dit object is in de loop der jaren op verschillende onderdelen, verschillende vormen van corrosie (roest) ontstaan.

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