Inspection agency and knowledge Partner

Smolders SSO is your knowledge partner and proud market leader in the Netherlands in the field of control and inspection of preservation works on steel and concrete. Our expert inspectors have broad knowledge and experience and are also specialized in training. Check out our certifications and expertises, with which we meet many international standards.


How do our inspectors work?

Before our (Level 2 and 3) inspectors start with the coating inspection, it is clearly communicated which aspects will be investigated. Examples are: the quality of the blasting activities, roughness, dry film thickness, the salinity and the visual properties . These are extensively inspected, checked and verified. On the basis of pre-set defined acceptance criteria and measurement results, the inspector concludes whether the work meets the agreed standards.


"Time constraints are, in our opinion, precisely a reason to choose the most qualitative option, rather than the fastest. Restoring work costs much more time."


Advice and inspection during your project

When you choose quality at the beginning of your project, you prevent your budget and time schedule from being exceeded. The inspectors of Smolders SSO accompany and advise you throughout the project.

1. Drafting of design requirements and properties.
2. Implementation of the status inspection.
3. Determining maintenance intervals and costs.
4. Selecting applicator and coating system.
5. Intermediate inspections during the project.

Final inspection and reporting (E-Inspect).


Our view on sustainability

Paint products have a detrimental impact on the environment, on the other hand the material on which the coating is applied ensures it a long life. Certainly a qualitative coating extends the lifespan of objects considerably. With our knowledge of coating systems and the specific influences to which they are exposed, we help you choose the most durable solution.

Inspection of steel
Inspection of steel
Inspection of steel
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