Your coating knowledge partner for offshore applications

Offshore installations, such as windmills and oil platforms, suffer quite a lot from challenging environmental factors. In particular , a corrosive environment has a significant impact on the degradation of applied corrosion prevention and thus on the life span of the assets. Do you need an inspection and consultancy company for a new building offshore project or for an existing installation? Smolders SSO is your qualified knowledge partner. We advise you to:

The choice for the most suitable coating system;
Selecting a qualitative product and applicator;
Applying the coating with the correct life expectancy;
To determine the correct maintenance frequency.

Of course we supervise, advise and inspect within the established standards that apply to your specific application.


"The purpose of inspections carried out by our professionals? Optimizing the quality of preservation work, so that it is as good as possible within your specifications and the service life is optimized."


Offshore oil & gas

At Smolders SSO we work with expert, certified inspectors in possession of the necessary offshore certification, including 'BOSIET OLF Supplement ' and 'Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, including EBS'. They inspect the surface treatments of oil and gas rigs and check if they meet the coating specifications and current standards. Of course our inspectors will gladly provide you with advice. Their broad knowledge, experience and dedication to make an assigned project succeed are great and they can be used for short as well as for longer (back-to-back) trips.


Looking for a skilled knowledge partner in the field of conservation solutions within the offshore sector? Please contact Smolders SSO.

Coating options offshore oil and gas
Coating options offshore oil and gas
Coating options offshore oil and gas
Would you like to know more about Smolders SSO or about the possibilities in the field of inspection, advice and guidance on conservation works? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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