Advice for an optimal end result

Integrity, durability and quality are essential for us in providing advice during inspection work throughout your project. But what does quality mean if it is not measurable? Here the advisors of Smolders SSO take full advantage of their experience. By making the demands and wishes of the client SMART, the assignment and expectation is clearly and specifically communicated to the applicator or superintendent.


Half measures, we don't believe in that. If we do something, we'll do it right at once.”


Measurement criteria for inspection

By asking the right questions, we can define qualitative, measurable values. On this basis, we create a framework that gives clarity to both the client and the applicator, contractor and the inspector. This can include:


The design of a suitable preservation system.
Test or measurement methods.
The acceptance criteria.

To which standards and criteria the work must meet.


A transparent and effective process

At Smolders SSO, we believe that transparency in a project is necessary to achieve an optimal end result. This is demonstrated by an effective process in which we record agreements and criteria in writing, reporting and possible revisions to communicate clear and straightforward to the relevant parties. We do this by means of our tool E-Inspect.


Our certified consultants

Our inspectors can be involved at any stage of your project. Ideally however, they already perform a advisory role in the start-up phase of the project. This prevents that uppon completion of the project that the client and the applicateur or contractor still not align. Our broad and specialist trained consultants will be happy to help you with the implementation and execution of your project and provide you with advice on coating techniques, material selection and working methods.


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Advice conversation with Smolders
Advice conversation with Smolders
Advice conversation with Smolders
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