E-Inspect, efficient reporting of coating inspection

In the inspection and registration of preservation works, reporting is essential, but also difficult and time-consuming. Smolders SSO has developed E-inspect, a software solution for the coating industry. This allows inspection agencies and applicators to report fast, clear, complete and faultless according to the applicable standards.


“As long as everything keeps on track, often there is no need, but in case something goes wrong, it is important to be able to rely upon complete and flawless reports.”


Qualitative reporting to fall back on

The need for clear, complete reporting may not seem high, as long as everything goes according to plan. However, once problems arise, it is essential to be able to rely upon available data. In order to prevent data being inaccurate, not conform to the standards set or in case reporting requires a considerable amount of time, you can use our efficient E-inspect tool.

Time-saving and transparent reporting

When you correctly enter all the inspection data in the E-inspect tool, in a few steps you are provided with a complete report, which complies with the relevant standards. Supervisors, inspectors and applicators directly enter their measurement data, so that always a quick and timely reporting can be shared, among themselves and with the client.


According formats or entirely customised

For a complete, flawless, compliant report, you can use our standard formats that you can compile from different modules, for example:

Construction finish (ISO 8501-3);

Cleanliness of pre-treatment (ISO 8501-1, 2 and 4);

Surface cleanliness (ISO 8502 -2, 3, 4, 6 and 9);

Roughness (ISO 8503-1, 2, 5);

Layer thickness (ISO 2808 and 19840);

Adhesion test (ISO 4624);


There are standard print-out formats available, in addition we can set up the reporting tool for a custom format.


Do you have questions about E-inspect, our reporting tool? Feel free to ask.

Final inspection of coating quality
Final inspection of coating quality
Final inspection of coating quality
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